Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association Security Camera Program (CCNA-SCP)

CCNA residents have continually identified security/crime as their number one neighborhood concern, both in 1995 when CCNA was formed and again in 2014 when we surveyed our members. To address this matter, the CCNA Board had discovered a program designed to both deter crime and catch criminals. This is a program that helps place more security cameras in our neighborhood, in strategic locations, to help the Sheriff’s office identify criminals and also deter criminals from operating in these areas.

The program is patterned after ones in Oregon and Washington DC. Details of the program are in the following pages.

Questions can be addressed to:

Map of CCNA boundaries – Applications will only be accepted from homes within the CCNA boundaries

To download this INFORMATION and APPLICATION, click here.

Application Process

To apply for a rebate, complete the following steps.

Step 1: CCNA will announce when they are taking applications and you must file within the deadlines. APPLICATIONS are due to CCNA by July 31, 2020

Step 2: Apply for a camera system and shared installation costs, from CCNA –using the application form included in this announcement.

Step 3: Do NOT purchase your own system as CCNA already purchased the system.  CCNA shall purchase a camera system that meets our requirements.

Step 4: CCNA will evaluate applications in conjunction with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to determine which locations will be most beneficial and choose two applicants for awards.

Step 5: AFTER approval – CCNA shall supply the system and you provide the installation within 60 days – (keep all paperwork and receipts). CCNA will pay up to $400 for installation. At least 3 cameras must be on the outside of residence that point towards strategic locations in the street and/or sidewalks. NOTE– these grants may NOT cover the entire installation cost.

Step 6: Register the system with the Sacramento County Sheriff S.E.E. Program (Sheriff’s Electronic Eye).

Step 7: Contact CCNA ( to inspect and test system, review receipts (security camera system installation) (have copies ready to give them) and verify registered with S.E.E.

Step 8: Sign/Date CCNA Grant agreement. (link below)

Step 9: Rebate will be sent within 30 days of approved inspection.


Rebate Program Description
The Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association Security Camera Program (CCNA-SCP), creates a rebate for homeowners within the CCNA boundaries, to purchase and install security camera systems on their property and register them with Sacramento County Sheriff S.E.E. Program). The CCNA-SCP provides a security camera system and a rebate of up to $400 of the installation costs. The rebate is installation including any applicable tax. Rebates will only be given when all of the conditions listed in this form have been completed and approved.

The camera system will be provided by CCNA.   ONLY a limited number of applications can be approved. The camera must be registered with the Sacramento County Sheriff S.E.E. Program.  Only one security camera system per property address is eligible.  At least three security cameras must be installed on the exterior of a residence. CCNA will also be required to verify installation of the system and verify it is working properly.

Applicants must be the property owner of a residence that is used as a residence located within the CCNA boundaries.

By participating in this program, the Applicant acknowledges that he or she will not use the security camera for any unlawful or harassing purposes and will comply with all applicable building and electrical code requirements.

Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association Security Camera Program (CCNA-SCP)

To download this INFORMATION and APPLICATION, click here.