About CCNA

The CCNA is recognized by the County Staffs and Board of Supervisors as a credible, positive organization committed to maintaining the uniqueness and charm of the neighborhood and the Carmichael Community.

In addition to monitoring the NPA ordinance the CCNA is actively involved in Community-wide actions in Carmichael including:

  • Sponsoring and participating on Fair Oaks Blvd clean ups on a quarterly basis.
  • Testifying before the Carmichael Community Council and Board of Supervisors on land use projects.
  • Coordinating with other neighborhood associations on community issues.
  • Providing assistance to neighbors in obtaining county services.
  • Adopting Ancil Hoffman Park and Effie Yeaw Nature Center to provide volunteer services.
  • Working with the Sheriff Department in assisting the establishment of neighborhood watch programs.
  • Facilitating input to the Carmichael Recreation and Park District for the Capra Park master planning effort.
  • Participating in Carmichael Community Planning efforts.

infoYou can view a PDF file of the CCNA Bylaws (3MB PDF Download)

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