Frequently Asked Questions

“Neighborhood Preservation Area” Designation
for Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association Area
FAQ SHEET (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a “Neighborhood Preservation Area” designation?
The NPA designation is a form of zoning ordinance authorized by the Sacramento County General Plan. It identifies additional zoning restrictions to protect neighborhood values.

What are the neighborhood values to be protected in the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood?
The primary values are the semi- rural characteristics, open space, large lots, single family dwellings, wildlife, quiet streets, trees and shrubbery, safe places to walk, bike and horseback ride. Basically, maintain the community for the reasons we moved here.

Won’t the existing zoning give the same level of protection?
The NPA designation gives greater strength to the existing zoning in the area to protect the identified values. Any proposal that would change the zoning to impact the NPA designation would receive increased scrutiny by the Neighborhood Association, the Carmichael Community Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

What kind of threats are there to the neighborhood values?
With the increased interest in development in the area the chance for new subdivisions and multi-family residences in the area is great. A recent proposal on Landis Ave. would have subdivided a five acre parcel with one home into twelve lots and homes. That proposal died because of the NPA designation in the area. The county general plan calls for increased housing density within one-half mile of the Fair Oaks Blvd. transportation corridor. That would extend to one block east of California Ave.

Are there other concerns?
The increase in crime in the area continues to be a major concern. Much of this can be attributed to the increase in population in Carmichael. Similarly the increase in traffic on our neighborhood streets raises concerns for the safety of our children, pets and residents.

Will the NPA designation restrict what I can do on my property?
There will be no restrictions on property owner rights consistent with the existing zoning. Structural improvements, lot splits, fencing, and related actions would not be affected providing they can now be allowed under current zoning.

What is the current zoning in the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Area?
There currently is a variety of zoning. RDi(one dwelling per acre), RD2, RD3, R5, O (Open Space), and NS (Natural Stream). None of these existing zoning designations will be changed by the NPA designation. A map of the existing zoning is available.

What are the boundaries of the proposed NPA?
The boundaries of the proposal are: The American River on the East; the existing NPA along Stanley Ave. on the North; the property lines in the rear of the businesses and apartments on the East side of Fair Oaks Blvd.; and Oak Ave on the South.

How does this proposal relate to the existing NPA in the Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Area?
This would extend that existing boundary and similar protection into the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Area.

Will the NPA designation affect my property taxes?

Will the NPA affect my property value?
Hopefully, in positive way by maintaining the character, qualities, charm and safety of the neighborhood.

Who can I contact for further information?
Write for more information at P.O. Box 131, Carmichael, CA 95609 or contact anyone on the CCNA Board of Directors.