Historical Perspective on Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association

The Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association (CCNA) was formed in May 1995. The Association resulted from a group of neighbors concerned about after hours access issues to Ancil Hoffman Park on Kenneth Ave. After successfully getting the County to address the access to the park it became apparent that there was a considerable neighborhood interest to address a variety of issues in the area, including: land use/development, security, animal control, parking, traffic, and protection of wildlife to name a few.

The purpose of the CCNA is aptly spelled out in the organization’s bylaws:

“… to actively preserve open space and the unique rural atmosphere of the neighborhood and to maintain its agricultural and residential features.”

This neighborhood character is defined in the County General Plan and the Carmichael Community Action Plan as “Semi-Rural”.

During the past 15 years the CCNA has taken an aggressive stance in maintaining the Semi-Rural character of the area. In July 2002, the CCNA, after several years of hard work, was able to have the County Board of Supervisors approve the “Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Preservation Area” (NPA) ordinance. This zoning designation provides for maintaining existing land use zoning, and related actions to insure the current Semi-Rural character of the CCNA neighborhood.