CCNA 2020 Update

2020 has started off very differently than we had expected.  As conditions continue to evolve, we want you to know your CCNA Board continues to look out for the community’s best interest and safety. The CCNA Board is communicating and meeting regularly (virtually!) to tackle issues in our community, as they emerge. Now for some key accomplishments and updates for you, our valued membership: (Download this 2020 Update page here.)

  1. Board of Supervisors District 3 Candidate Interviews: The upcoming Board of Supervisors District 3 election is upon us; a very important election to determine Sup. Peters’ replacement who will directly influence the quality of life and safety of Carmichael Colony. After holding a very informative and well-attended candidate’s night in February at Milagro Center to introduce the candidates to our community, we have now asked the candidates, Rich Desmond and Gregg Fishman, to submit their responses to 8 questions we posed. Those responses are included with this letter. CCNA knows it’s important you are as informed as possible as you vote. (Responses are included when you Download this CCNA 2020 Update page here.)
  2. Security Camera Program: CCNA has placed a third Security camera system at a house in our neighborhood where there had been verifiable and ongoing security concerns in that location. We have approved money for a fourth system and are currently taking applications.  The application can be found at:
  3. Representing CCNA Interests: CCNA has worked hard for our members this year. Among our many efforts, we regularly monitor and testify before the Carmichael Planning and Advisory Council about issues within or bordering our boundaries and are in touch often with Supervisor Peters office on different issues as concerns are raised.
  4. Reviving the CCNA Quarterly Newsletter: Local matters and innovations emerge all the time. CCNA will be bringing back an electronic quarterly newsletter to keep you engaged and updated throughout the year on interesting and important topics ranging from local history, environment, public works projects, health, and safety.
  5. CCNA Would Like to Hear from You: To improve upon our neighborhood’s safety, aesthetic, environment and overall health, if you have ideas and/or concerns you would like to elevate to the CCNA Board’s agenda to consider, please let us know. Feel free to send thoughts or comments directly to or Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association, PO BOX 131, Carmichael, CA 95609-131. We will be sure to place your item on the Board’s agenda for discussion and follow up with you after.

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Membership Renewal: Your membership dues provide funding to directly support on-the-ground neighborhood improvement efforts. There is a choice of a one-year membership (only $25) or a two-year membership ($40). Please also encourage your neighbors to join our CCNA to build our community’s network and expand our improvement efforts here at home!

Recruiting New CCNA Board Members: The CCNA Board has two open positions for those seeking to be the change they wish to see in this neighborhood! Become part of our ongoing work to make Carmichael an even greater place to live, expand amenities, plan our community’s development, and protect our community and environment. We welcome all people, of all backgrounds! To apply or for more information on the role and its responsibilities, see contact information under “Membership Sign Up/Renewal” on the next page!


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*One membership per voting member (if two members or more in a single household want to vote, each individual pays the appropriate fee).  A voting member must be at least 18 years of age, live or own property, or have a business within the CCNA area and pay dues.  All others may participate in the CCNA as non-voting members


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