Neighborhood Resources

Did you find injured wildlife? Who to call

The Wildlife Care Association (WCA) located at McClellan specializes in helping injured wildlife and helping them recover. Go to their website to check on important protocols for handling injured wildlife (so you and they can be safe) and where to take sick animals. Note some species (adult deer for example) will have service providers outside of the care WCA provides and their website routes you to those who help adult deer.

Call first to check their availability and obtain specific instructions:

Hotline: (916) 965-9453 Address: 5211 Patrol Road, McClellan, CA 95652

In the unfortunate event a wild animal is found dead and services are needed to remove their remains, call 311 to be routed to the appropriate county agency.

Another potentially helpful resource is to view other animal rehab facilities near us by checking this website: Animal Help Now

Concerns about coyotes?

Coyotes (and other animals such as foxes and bobcats) are totally natural inhabitants in our community that help keep ecological balance and enrich our community diversity with a healthy dose of wild! With a bit of help, you can take steps to not inadvertently attract coyotes by leaving out food or putting small animals at risk. Project Coyote has great tips to help minimize unwanted issues and enjoy our natural neighbors!

Do I need a permit?

Building a fence or wall, a new structure, remodeling? Check to see if you need a permit and how to get started by getting the help you need here!

Waste Services

Did you know that once a year you can get a free waste pick up?

One bulky waste pickup once every 12 months is included in the standard level of residential curbside collection service​​. Read more here as to what disposal is allowed, how much you can throw out per pick-up, and how it works.

Disposing of mattresses, old TVs, electronic waste, computer monitors, appliances, tires? Read on!

Are you planning to get rid of old mattresses? Why not get a head start with the Bye Bye Mattress Program? This program offers Californians easy access to no cost mattress recycling and disposal options.

Visit this link where you can recycle mattresses:

  • Find the nearest location to drop off your mattress at no cost for recycling.
  • Learn about the mattress retailer’s obligation to offer to take back an old mattress at no added cost when a new one is delivered.
  • See if you live in an area where your waste collector offers free collection of a bulky item and if that waste collector recycles with the Bye Bye Mattress program.

Have old TV’s, Computer Monitors, Electronic Waste, Appliances, or Tires to get rid of? Sacramento County Department of Waste Management & Recycling has two locations where you can recycle these materials FREE!

How to use 311 to get issues addressed

Do you see dumped materials, potholes, a downed street sign, an abandoned car, a zoning violation, or some other non-emergency issue? By calling 311 or using the SacCounty 311 Connect app you can file confidential non-emergency reports of things you see that need County services and attention.

The SacCounty 311 Connect app is a nice option for non-emergency matters if you don’t want to call. You can geolocate the spot where the issue is located, upload photos of the issue you’re reporting, monitor the status of your report, track area-wide 311 filings of other’s reports located in your area, and even “up vote” an issue you have also seen that someone has reported. Complaints on violations are kept confidential. 

Carmichael Improvement District commercial corridor issues

The Carmichael Improvement District (CID) serves the Fair Oaks Blvd corridor and surrounding commercial areas. The CID coordinates across our residential and commercial organizations.

A very special program that the CID offers us residents is the ability to contact their security patrols for non-emergency issues you see exclusively IN THE COMMERCIAL CORRIDOR (security does not respond to true emergencies [for that call 911] and does not handle issues in residential zones). If you wish to report a problem that is occurring within these commercial zones, follow the instructions here which include the phone number to dial.

Nearby food pantries

Some of our residents are in need of food assistance. Local organizations include, but are not limited to, the following organizations:

  • Our Lady of Assumption – Saint Vincent De Paul – Food Distribution Center
    5057 Cottage Way, Carmichael, CA 95608
  • Carmichael Presbyterian Church- Carmichael Food Closet
    5645 Marconi Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608

Do contact County social services for more information and support for your unique situation. Calling 311 can put you in touch with the right resources for your needs.